Evolutionary “deep Listening” in the art of creating momentum and inspiration for “e-waking”- adventurers.
Theme: The 5 step basic practice for beginners and seasoned practicioners
A Big Welcome to all of you!

In this blog I will describe in short form one of the most basic elements
for practice, reflection and engaged daily life ewake experiments .
For an organic, practice –oriented and intuitive understanding of our ewake- structural ground.
First steps: Introducing the 5 basic “entry points” to our elementary shift-practices.
Our intention: To establish the corner stones for understanding the art and practice of e-wake- Meditation , Insight-Out practice and engaged Inquiry.

In diving into the secrets of our own “I”- consciousness , which is the access to our first portal e our e-wake process, we get in touch with the 5 main ingredients of what can be called the “Science of inner freedom” (C.Hamilton).
And meditation and engaged insight-out practice as its royal road.

These 5 steps are our first orientation –points in the art of meditation inquiry, self -knowledge, of moving from doing to being .
Bringing forth the potentials of “being wake to the “I” ,the true self,, the so called “I am -ness,then
also waking up to the emerging WE, and relinquishing the dream of separation from the One (ALL wake)

These steps have many dimensions to themselves, and are revealing in time the vastness and mystery of who we really are and what we are here for.
In the following, I will introduce some of the most simple and basic steps, that we can directly and simply practice on a daily basis as our e –wake “sadhana” .

It will be explained in much more detail in our audio- courses, live-sessions, and
We-wake.Zoom-gatherings and live guidance-sessions that you are invited to get a taste of.
Here comes as an easy to follow five-step process one of the basic “Shamata”-
Practices (tuning into inner peaceful states) in our e-wake introductions.
It will be varied, expanded, deepened and finally transcended in the following stages.

FIRST– The door of “ Sensing”- instead of getting trapped into the thought /mental process we bend the beam of attention back to our capacity to sense directly:
Our sense- perception opens us to the immediacy of the NOW!
We dive into the world of sense-perception through hearing, feeling , seeing, tasting, smelling and other subtle sensing organs and find our way back to the naturalness of tasting the moment, as it presents itself.

SECOND– Then, inviting ourselves to feel, perceive the stillness , that includes everything- by becoming still- outwardly, by not moving for a moment, and inwardly by not moving into past or future.

THIRD– by allowing ourselves to just BE, relaxing into what is, letting everything be as it is. Not trying to change the moment, or ourselves, but inviting to let go into what is.

FOURTH– Becoming wake to ourselves, bringing our attention to our center of attention, being attentive to the moment. So experiencing our inherent capacity to experience our beingness directly.

FIFTH– We experience our own “ direkte anwesenheit”, our own direct and organically expanding presence , inviting us to be present from moment to moment, inviting us into a NOW-ness, like a wave that is never broken. “How am I present?”

Learning to dwell in this presence, in which my I am-ness reveals itself ,I become visible as an ever deepening process of self-knowing without grasping for mental knowledge or identifying with limiting form.
This discovery of moving from mental attachment into tasting the freedom from
grasping or form is at the heart of the overall ewake process that we are you inviting to taste here.

We will be guiding you step by step as an adventure into freedom, connectivity,
love, compassion ,inter-being, meta-cognition, and other super-potentials , that we will unpack with you.
It moves us into an ever expanding journey from becoming WAKE to the “I” in me (I wake), as my true nature,
becoming wake Of WE , of Us, of the collective, our field of love and communion,
to ALL Wake, of all what happens when we awaken to this ALL and are present” in the Midst of It”, answering ITS need.
from the dream of separation, to becoming one with all of life in its vastness, mystery,
divinity and grace.

When we become capable to listen deeper , and become willing to be receptive to the greater need of all and in the ALL.
When we become conduits of a greater power that we are part of , and finally accept our own power, giving up all resistance of who we are, and what we are meant to be.

We know that journeys into the heart of reality alike this , fuelled by this evolutionary thrust and calling , similar intention, practice and vision, by hearts aflame with this urge of direct awakening …. deeply resonate with our mission.
And- they are happening Just Now with all of us on this planet!
Such a knowing that we already ARE, what we have been seeking!

In this spirit, we want to mention and honour the pioneering discovery of the “direct awakening”- work (Of Craig Hamilton) .
In its radical love and directness ,it pertains to some of the revelations that lie at the heart and ground of our long standing e-wake trajectory as an evolutionary leap from three decades of exploration of essential dimensions in Consciousness ( as in our”Essencia”-trainings) to the next dimension:

Reaching into natural ,heart-filled . and easily and directly available overarching super-dimensions of the “Possible Human”, that we know is our future.
We honour it all. We are here for IT. You are invited !
Each of US is needed. As part ot this divine fractal.

Last not least :
Feel free to express your comments in the “commentary-thread” in the menu-point “Stimmen” (Voices) in which you are invited to share your reflections directly in English at the start (It will be translated later). Each of your contributions makes the difference and is much appreciated.
Thank you and lets explore the adventure together of living an awake life in all its dimensions, In reverence for all of life.

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  1. Dear Michael,thank you for this individual guidance full of blessings.The mind is empty of mental stuff, the heart is full.
    Such a grace,such a gift this sacred I AM-presence, this divine moment of being fully Here and
    And with this,In life iT flows on and on…I look forward to the next explorations and „e-wake“-
    Journeys and meetings with you..such an adventure into an awakened life….!
    Ulrike Rosa Blatter

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