Michael Plesse

As a teacher of consciousness, a trainer in transpersonal education and continuing education, a meditation teacher of a universal, evolutionary-oriented spirituality as well as an initiator and founder of networks and cultural-creative initiatives, Michael belongs to the elder group of spiritually, culturally and creatively active teachers of teachers“.

As an engaged visionary , His heart feels for a more beautiful world, that we know , is possible .
.In his 45 years of work he has been active in 10 European countries and the USA.

In 1986 he founded the first Institute of Orgodynamics together with his wife Dr. Gabrielle St.Clair.

He is actively engaged in the Orgoville network and lives and works together with his wife in Germany near Kassel and as well as in the hills of the Alentejo region in southern Portugal, as a co-founder of “Vale de Agua“, an eco-spiritual settlement project.

He leads meditation retreats, supports participants of the Orgodynamics and “Essencia” trainings through intensive sessions and teaches via live sessions and online-meetings of the introduction and deepening cycles modules of the Wake-Meetings, as well as through trainings and regional events.

Moreover, he is actively involved in the work of the “Future Now Network Foundation“, a civil society Non – profit foundation that he founded together with a group of younger dedicated meditation teachers and coaches.

Areas of activities

Training and further education in the field of Orgodynamics and Essencia®https://www.future-now-network-foundation.eu/english/
Initiator of culturally creative networks
Other civil society activities: Transition-Town projects and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) initiative in the River Eder-region close to Kassel
Founder and Director of the FNNF Foundation (Future Now Network Foundation for a Culture of Consciousness – Common Good – Conviviality)


  • State Examination in Philology and Political Science
  • Bodypsychotherapist (EABP)
  • A.F. Phys. (London)
  • Training in Biodynamic Psychology (Gerda Boyesen, London)
  • Unitive Psychology (Jay Stattman, Holland)
  • Training in Zen (Enomiya Lasalle)
  • Transformative Energy Work (Michael Barnett)
  • Transpersonal Studies (Richard Moss, USA)
  • Quantum Psychology (Stephen Wolinsky, USA)
    Meditation Teacher of the Solar Tradition Lineage of Aaravindha Himadra, USA


1983 Project for Tantra and energy transformation together with Margo Anand Naslednikov

  • 1986 Development of the body oriented method of Transpersonal Psychology
  • ORGODYNAMICS® and foundation of the first Institute of ORGODYNAMICS® in Seattle, USA
  • 1988 Author of the book “Fire of sensuality, light of the heart” (Goldmann Publishing House)
  • 1991 Foundation of the network ORGOVILLE INTERNATIONAL
  • 1995 Foundation of the ORGOVILLE project in Vale de Agua (Southern Portugal)
  • 1996 Development of Essencia®; currently holding training, seminars, lectures, congresses throughout Europe
  • 2011 Co-Author of „Science of Consciousness – Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy” (vianova Publishing House)
  • 2011 Network „Insight-Out Future Initiatives“ INOZI (www.inozi.net)
  • 2011 Co-founder of Transition Town Kassel (www.ttkassel.de)
  • 2016 Foundation of the Future Now – Network – Foundation (www.fnnf.eu)
  • 2018 Development of e-wake (e-wake.eu)