ALL - Wake

ALL – Wake

The Third Portal – EVOLUTIONARY

„Humankind is being led along an evolving course,
through this migration of intelligences,
though we seem to be sleeping,
there is an inner wakefulness,
that directs the dream,
and that will eventually startle us back
to the truth of who we are.”


Becoming an expression of unity to serve life…

We will learn:

  • Keys to opening a space for evolutionary dialogue and how to step into and cultivate
  • the posture of effortlessness of the “evolving We”
  • To become aware of what energy exists “between us”
  • How to enter mindful “spaciousness” as the potential of our ”higher We”
  • How to build the bridge from Being to Becoming: Discovering the miracle of the “space of possibility”
  • To understand the nature of “evolutionary dialogues and how to initiate them
  • To take up a co-creative attitude and align yourself with it
  • Perceiving ourselves as manifestations of Creation (“faces of the divine”) and expressing this in our lives
  • To create together We -spaces as coherent “holding spaces” as an invitation to open the heart
  • To “read” personal, contracted shadow aspects and release them in a safe We-space
  • To practice “presencing” (O. Scharmer) and how to develop the “open will” as a new, co-creative „We -capacity „
  • How to hold a common intention and gain a deeper understanding of the nature and qualities of our spiritual motivation
  • How to sense towards the Whole and cultivate “deep listening”
  • How to cultivate the” joy of the heart” and create rituals which nourish the “collective soul-body”
  • To explore the texture of evolutionary dialogs in applying the right ingredients to manifest it
  • To use the suitable form of meditative-dialogue practice that allows us a position to stand at the edge of Creation and be aware of it
  • To understand the steps of the co-creative process which anchor the unity of Being and Becoming in our own experience, and how to apply them in our own lives.

I – Wake: essential • WE – Wake: engaged • ALL – Wake: evolutionary