There is more to the world than what you see with your eyes …
We are more than what we appear to be …


What you see here is the expression of a call to a journey of personal awakening that can transform your life. Here, we invite you to a discovery of yourself, the “awake We” and to discover your very own place within the evolutionary process. This transformational journey can be experienced in a practical live-course which also includes additional audio modules.

The course consists of 3 portals, whereby various topics build sequentially on one another.

As preparation and an introduction to the E-Wake level, the Coming Home modules serve to acquaint you with the material on an individual basis and to deepen your understanding.

The personal, sequential exploration of the E-Wake topics allows you to more deeply develop your own “essence potential”. You can access the topics of the individual “portals” by clicking on the respective term.

Michael Plesse

As a teacher of consciousness, a trainer in transpersonal education and continuing education, a meditation teacher of a universal, evolution-oriented spirituality as well as an initiator and founder of networks and cultural-creative initiatives, Michael belongs to the elder group of spiritually, culturally and creatively engaged “teachers of teachers“. In his 45 years of work he has been active in 10 European countries as well as the USA. In 1986 the first Institute of Orgodynamics was founded in Seattle.

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Online Webinars and Audio Courses

Coming Home • Module 1

Date of event:

Will be announced !

This new cycle is about anchoring oneself in a personal meditative practice in order to bring the fullness of our own inner core into expression.

Audio evening 1

Date of event: 21.09.2020

Keys to our heart-awareness 1
An extension and deepening in E-wake life practice




Evolutionary “deep Listening” in the art of creating momentum and inspiration for “e-waking”- adventurers. Theme: The 5 step basic practice for beginners and seasoned practicioners A Big Welcome to all of you!