I - Wake

The First Portal • ESSENTIAL

The essential, individual I Wakeful-ness
Rediscover your own direct experience of the truth that lies already within you, and what it means to be at home, your natural wakefulness, as your true nature. You will discover:

  • The key to developing Intention and Orientation [Focus]
  • “Growing up” a n d “Waking up” as a “holonic Whole” and integrating it into your life through daily practice
  • The way into a deepened experience of presence (through meditation and in daily life)
  • The posture of effortlessness: beyond control
  • Radical presence: beyond fear and illusion
  • The key to returning to “innocent perception”
  • The art of awareness – the open secret
  • The state of moving beyond the personal story of separationThe art of diving into the state of non-separation – the All-Oneness
  • How to touch the miracle of creation in a new way – the big embrace
  • The experience of being one with everything and beyond – the one taste
  • The art of being within becoming (Coming-into-Being)

I – Wake: essential • WE – Wake: engaged • ALL – Wake: evolutionary