We - Wake

The Second Portal – ENGAGED

Discover the joy of experiencing the
dimensions of the “higher We”…

You will experience:

  • The art of immersing yourself in a meditating We
  • Cultivating a “We – Awareness”
  • Keys that enable a multi-perspective perception of “I and We” in a relaxed and awake state, guiding individual and collective streams of mindfulness
  • How to examine and release “frozen” preconceptions and notions of “I and We”
  • How to discover subtle “We – perceptions” of non-separateness and explore them off the meditation cushion
  • Moving from an open Heart-Mind to an open Will – taking the path from Being to Becoming
  • The way from feeling a We (Sensing), to moving into a We (Tuning) to being at home in the We (Being)
  • Vibrant “We” Rituals for exploring the collective body of experience (joy, pain, extasy etc.)
  • How to witness an emerging We – Identity through a collective awareness practice (“Prema-Inquiry”)
  • Interconnected, holonic (integral) perception as a practice of Compassion and active Love

I – Wake: essential • WE – Wake: engaged • ALL – Wake: evolutionary