Heart – Spirit – Retreat in Corfu


With Michael Plesse & Anadi Nocke

September 11th – 18th 2021 on Corfu, Greece

An invitation to all generations for an essential and creative journey of discovery in the charm of the south on the green island of Corfu in Greece

We will meet in Arillas, Corfu, for a co-creative process of exchange to explore possibilities and create momentum for a collective contribution to the much needed individual and collective awakening for the preservation, pacification and healing of our wonderful and beloved planet. This calls us to do everything we can to overcome the illusion of separation between the internal and the external.

To do so, we will integrate the following levels: Sensitizing and invigorating of the physical body, the heart space, of compassion and intuition, so that our higher capacities and potentials are free to emerge, which are waiting to guide us in the accomplishment of the common tasks at hand.

This special week will be a precious time in a very special place in paradise, where exploring, discovering, enjoying merge organically and easily. In the common we-space our multi-layered levels and potentials can come together creatively and vitally in silence and expression.  Something new will emerge in which all the colors, scents and tones of life are held in a common, shared space of consciousness. Welcome to our adventure!

We are curious to see what wants to awaken between us!

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